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We are a law a firm that offers legal advice in the Area of Campo de Gibraltar and Costa del Sol. Our clients, nationals and foreigners, require solutions for the legal needs that may arise in the development of their professional activities such as in their personal relationships.


For which, we combine experience in the various range of law with the close and constant collaboration with offices and law firms located outside of our geographical area. Shaping up, all of this, a comprehensive legal service that ensures a responsible work.


"Our professionals, in constant training, acquire a firm commitment with the customers assisting them in the various transactions that they intend to carry out." 





RM LAWYERS has all the existing technology, at present, in regard to the management of files and data. Also, with the goal of a constant adaptation to the progress of society, we update and reorganize our legislative basis through agreements with major companies in the legal publishing sector.


Professional Excellence

For RM LAWYERS human capital is the main distinguishing factor with respect to other firms.